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My cell phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and was a little surprised, in a good way.  “Hmm why could Hillary be calling me?” I thought.  We had just moved to San Diego.  Well, I had just moved to San Diego. Chandler had just moved back to San Diego.  We moved into the house he owned before we met. 


Chandler knew people.  Friends.  Friends he’d known his whole life.  I on the other hand, knew no one. I was three months pregnant, and had just moved away from all of my friends and family.  I had just left the only city I’d ever called home.  


Hillary was sweet.  I think. I had only met her maybe once before… maybe? To be honest, I couldn’t remember if I’d actually met her or not.  We did have our wedding reception at her in-law’s home, and Chandler knew her. I answered the call, “Hello?” I said.  She introduced herself, and then told me that we should be friends.  In the very next sentence, she told me she was throwing me a baby shower.

We talked for a few minutes, and when we hung up, I cried. A lot.  Bawled even.  I don’t think a maybe-stranger has ever done anything so nice for me before.  To make a friendly phone call was enough to make me feel included.  That leaving my whole life behind in Las Vegas was going to be OK.  That this new place would be OK. But to throw me a baby shower, for my first baby, whom I was already obsessed with… there were no words.


My baby shower was INCREDIBLE.  I met SO MANY new friends!  Friends I still have today.  Many of whom you’ll see on this blog! 


When Hillary asked me to take photos of her with her boys, of course I couldn’t refuse!  Hillary is a boy mom!  Fun fact.  I grew up with three brothers, and my whole life I wanted three boys.  (Baby sister’s gender announcement came as quite a shock!) Hillary’s boys are amazing.  Sure, they are rough and tumble (we even had an incident when one jumped off of a sand dune and hurt his back), but they are the sweetest, funniest, most loving boys!


It’s now been four years since that phone call.  A lot has changed, in both of our lives.  But I’m still so thankful for you, Hillary.  For your friendship, and for your giant heart! Hillary, I love you.  I love your boys.  I love how you speak to those rowdy angels with all the tenderness and gentleness that they will appreciate for the rest of their lives.  I’m so grateful you’re my friend!






















October 12, 2018

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