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When I advertised for Mother’s Day Mini Sessions, sweet Kim emailed me asking me if she could schedule one, or if had too many kids!  This mom is incredible.  She has five children and to be honest, they are without a doubt some of the BEST behaved, sweetest and most beautiful kiddos I’ve ever met. They made photographing them effortless.  Kim brought a babysitter to the session to help corral the kids, and the poor babysitter was bored out of her mind with nothing to do!  It was such a joy getting to know these sweet spirits, and to see how much they love their mom!




Why did you become a mother?

When I was little baby dolls were my favorite toys. I’ve always wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I suppose it is because of the way my own mother lived life … completely selflessly. When I was growing up, as far as I knew, being a mother was her favorite thing. She laughed and loved and served us every day with everything that she was. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I still do. 

How has life changed for you since becoming a mother?  

Being a mother has completely changed my life. When I had my first baby it was after years of of heartache over not being able to have a baby. I have since learned to cherish every moment with my children. Being a mother has taught me to count my blessings every day and has fundamentally changed who I am. My identity is as the mother of my children and wife to my husband. It is what I live for. To live teach and serve them. And it is my hardest job and greatest joy. 



What was the biggest surprise to you about having children?  

The biggest surprise was the emotional and physical exhaustion. I knew that my mom worked hard every day to see us taken care of but was not prepared for how hard I would have to work. After the last child is tucked in bed, the feeling of total and utter exhaustion was not something I could have foreseen. It is happy exhaustion though. At the end of the day when I kneel in prayer I thank god for the exhaustion because it means that I did all I could for my beautiful littles. And hopefully in the end it will be enough. 



What do you love most about being a mom?

The things I love most about being a mom are the tender moments when I can see that my children know that I love them. Those tender moments when I sing to my children at night or read to them one on one. When I get a quiet moment to talk candidly with them. When I feel like they are learning to love others as god loves them. I love seeing them learn and grow. I especially love it when they fall asleep in my arms. Even my older boys still let me snuggle them at night. Those moments are what heaven is made of. 




What makes you the most nervous about motherhood?  

I get sad particularly on milestone days. Every birthday that they have reminds me that time is precious and that I am going to miss these days. The days may be long but the years are so incredibly short. I get nervous that I won’t have enough time to teach them all that they need to learn. I worry that I won’t be good enough for them. I’m so grateful to god for knowing that my very best will be good enough for he will make up for my shortcomings. 



What does a typical day with your kids look like?

Oh my heavens. I don’t know if there is enough room. A typical day starts at 6:30 am. My kids come into our room and get in bed with us. Then we read scriptures and pray. They are then in charge of “making beds, brushing teeth, and saying morning prayers”. After that they do their chore for the morning. They each have their own. At 7:30 we do breakfast. At 8 after the kitchen is clean and lunchboxes are packed they go upstairs to get dressed. At 8:30 we have a dance party to get ready for the day. At 8:40 we head out the door for school. 9 am is school for my oldest three. 9:30 is drop off for preschool. During preschool I either do errands/grocery shop or help in the kids classrooms at school. After pre school pick up at 12:00 we do lunch and then books and naps at 12:30. While the girls nap I pay bills, clean, do laundry, church prep or any of the other million things I need to do. 3:15 is school pic up. After school we have any number of activities; baseball, dance, piano, soccer, cub scouts, homework, etc. We try to do dinner at 6:00 each night but often times that changes because of multiple activities during the evening. After dinner we finish up homework take showers and get ready for books family prayer and bed! Whew. Again … long days but short years. ????



What are some of your favorite things about your kids?  

There are too many to mention. I love their tender hearts. I love that they try their best to choose the right and serve and love others. I love that they are funny and love to laugh and have fun. I love that they love family time. I love that they are so innocent and pure. I love that I’m their mother. 



What is the best part about being their mom?

Everything. The little moments that add up to so many. When I see them learning a lesson. When I see them do a kind deed. When I experience their sense of humor. When I hold them when they cry. When I support them in their activities. When I witness their testimony of the Savior grow.  Everything about them is my favorite thing. There are too many to list. 



What do you want to remember about this stage of your and your kids’ lives and your interactions with them?  

I want to know that I never took a moment for granted. I cherish each and every day and find so many blessings in each day. Each one of my littles is a cherished blessing from God and I want to remember that I lived every day knowing that. 




How do you want them to remember their childhood?

I want them to remember is that I loved them and that they felt loved no mater what. I want them to remember the good times and the bad so that they can know that they can do hard things in the future. I want them to remember the fun we’ve had and the memories we’ve made so that they will want that in their future families. I want them to remember the tender teaching moments so that those moment will come to their minds when they have tough decisions to make. I want them to remember that the savior was a very real part of their lives. I want them to remember the love that was felt in our home. 

 How do your personal or religious values impact your role as a mother?

My religious beliefs are my foundation. The scriptures and modern day revelation have taught me how to treat others (my children included) and have taught me how to serve and teach them. I believe in god and in treating others as Jesus Christ would treat them, with unfailing love. I believe that the family is central to gods plan for us and that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children to be like our savior. My religion has taught me how to live my life, and it has taught me how to teach my children as well. 



What makes you a good mom?

I guess the fact that I try my best. Every day I try my best and at the end of the day when I know I’ve failed at many things, I ask my Heavenly Father to give me the strength to do better the next day. I know I’m not perfect and I always seek help to be better. 



What are your strengths as a mom?

 I genuinely like spending time with my children. I love them more than life but I also truly enjoy them. They make me laugh cry and make me proud. I try to have fun with them and I think that they genuinely like spending time with me too. (Most days) ???? and they know without a doubt that I love them. And more importantly they know that the lord loves them and is always there for them. 


What does being successful in motherhood look like to you?  

A successful mother to me looks like a woman who looks to the lord for daily guidance on how to serve teach and love each of her individual children. Each child learns and feels differently and a successful mother takes the time and effort to learn how to best love that child. A successful mother lives for her children and knows that a child spells love “t-i-m-e.”  It’s what my mother did and continues to do. And I consider her the most successful mother there ever was. 




June 5, 2017

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