Austin & Casey | Senior Pictures

I first met twins, Austin & Casey when Chandler & I chaperoned a red, white and blue themed youth dance last Memorial Day.  All I really knew about them was that they are twins, they are SO TALL, and they are so much fun!!! I’m friends with their mom, and when she asked me to take senior pictures of these two, I was thrilled!  Being a triplet, I love hanging out with other multiples.  When I asked them what classes were their favorite this year, Austin said “photography,” and Casey replied, “film production.”  Casey actually wrote a film, and plans on recording this summer and then submitting it to a few film festivals later this year!

These boys who have been together since conception are embarking on a phase of their life where they will be going their separate ways.  While I know they will always be close, their relationship will never quite be the same as it has up to this point.  Austin is leaving for an LDS Mission to Huancayo, Peru!  We talked a lot about the climate, and how different the 10,000 ft Peruvian mountain elevation will be from the 62′ above sea level that is San Diego.  We also joked that at over six feet tall, and with his fair complexion, he’ll fit right in with the native peruvians.  

Casey has plans to join the Navy!  Fun fact, did you know that there is only one location for boot camp for the navy?  It’s near the great lakes in northern Chicago!  These boys have grown up in a climate that is “sunny and 75” pretty much year round, so I have a feeling that Chicago and Peru will be a bit of an “experience.”








June 20, 2017

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