Smith Family | Coronado Beach Portrait Session

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It was a chilly evening, in Reno, NV, filled with Dr. Pepper, chips and sweat pants. Nothing special, just a typical evening for college freshman, too cold and broke to go out.  Instead Irene and I went to Walmart and bought the Friends Trivia Game.  Did you even know there was a trivia game for Friends (the TV show?!).  Let me just tell you, it’s awesome! 



“Regina Phalange”



We shouted out the answers, to EVERY.SINGLE.QUESTION. and laughed and laughed.  Pretty soon, it was apparent.  We knew all of the answers.  To every question. So when we finished the game, we gave it away, and that was that.


Irene and I have been friends for twenty-three years.  23!  We met in the 6th grade.  Honestly, I forget how.  Mutual friends, Cheer-leading, honors classes, I forget exactly.  But most of my great memories of adolescence involve my Beenie and her family!  In high-school, almost every single year, we had the exact same class schedules.  Most of our teachers referred to us (and another friend) as “the Three Musketeers.” In college, she was my roommate freshman year (until I transferred to another University).


When I left my home and moved to San Diego (a big step for someone who does not like change), Irene already lived here, and only talked about what an amazing city it was.  It’s been so fun to grow with her, watch her get married and start her family!  For her session, we spent the evening at the beach.  One last “California Hurrah!” Her sweet hubby accepted a job in Boston, and they are moving next week! 


Irene, Cam, and baby Hayden, thank you for letting me capture your love story.  I hope when you are stuck inside on chilly days on the East Coast, that you will look at these photos and warm right up!  I love you and I’m so excited for your new adventure!












October 12, 2018

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