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 I first met Sena through church.  She had just moved to San Diego from Canada with her two darling boys.  Selfishly, I was excited because Ender is just older than Covey, and Cooper is just younger.  “Friends!” I thought!  Covey has enjoyed having these two as playmates, and I have loved catching a glimpse of what it really means to be a “boy mom.”  These boys keep Sena on her toes, and I’m sure run her ragged, but she loves them fiercely, and it’s obvious to everyone who knows her.  Her boys are her world. 

 Why did you become a mother?

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a mom! I babysat all the time growing up and couldn’t wait to have my own babies. I became a mother because I love babies and I couldn’t wait to have a baby crying and for me, to be the one they wanted, and the one who could calm them down.

 How has life changed for you since becoming a mother?

It’s become a lot more meaningful, but crazy.  I used to have a hard time believing in love and the second I saw Ender I knew true love actually existed! 

 What was the biggest surprise to you about having children?

How much I could love another human being.  Also, giving up things for my babies, I thought would be so tough,  which really wasn’t hard at all.

 What do you love most about being a mom?

Having unconditional love from my two boys. Having them depend so much on me, and having two little boys who are always up for fun adventures.

 What makes you the most nervous about motherhood?

Raising children in this evil world and not being able to always protect them.  

What does a typical day with your kids look like?

Wake up at the crack of dawn to Cooper jumping up and announcing he’s awake and ready for milk.  Playing Paw Patrol,  or watching Paw Patrol with my boys. We go for our daily morning walk. Spend most of our day outside either at the park or swimming pool.  Quiet time/nap after lunch and then back outside until bath time before bed.  Read a couple  books,  sing songs,  prayers and cuddles in bed.

 What are some of your favorite things about your kids?

Ender- he tells me at least a dozen times a day that I am his best friend.  He’s always singing, usually I am a child of God. He always compliments me saying, “Mama you look great! ” He has to hold my hand while falling asleep. 
Cooper- he is so chatty,  he’s not even two years old, and I can have a full conversation with him.  His laugh is the best! He’s so cuddly and loves hugs & kisses.  

What do you want to remember about this stage of your and your kids’ lives and your interactions with them?

I want to remember all of the funny things they say.  And how protective Ender is of Cooper. They don’t like being away from each other and when other kids are around they always make sure the other is not being bullied. 


 How do you want them to remember their childhood?

I want them to remember all  our adventures, that their Mama is right in the middle of all their activities and ready to get down and play anything with them.  

How do your personal or religious values impact your role as a mother?

My religious values help me to be a way better mother.  Using my values I am able to teach my sons better about right from wrong and teach them good morales. 

 What makes you a good mom?  What are your strengths as a mom?

I am a good mom because I always am doing things with my boys.  At the park I don’t just sit back, I get in there and play tag,  or dig in the dirt with them. I am teaching them how to respect women and be kind to everyone.  I discipline them in effective ways that are making them nicer boys.  

 What does being successful in motherhood look like to you?

Being successful in motherhood to me is raising children who are respectful to everyone.  Who are good, kind and honest kids. 



May 22, 2017

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