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 I have a tender spot in my heart for missionaries.  For those of you who don’t know, in the Mormon religion, young men and women (and I mean young, only 18 years old!) make a choice to leave their families for two years to preach the gospel.  These “kids” are sent all over the world (without any say), and have no contact with their family except weekly emails, and two phone calls per year (on Mother’s Day and Christmas Day).  I have three brothers who all served missions, so I know first hand how tough of a thing it can be, but I also know, first hand, how much families are blessed during this time.


Sweet Jackson was called to serve in the San Antonio, Texas mission.  Mom is so glad he is staying “state-side,” but I know she will miss him like crazy.  Two years will fly by, and he will be amazing!


Good Luck Jackson!













August 1, 2017

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