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They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery… but I beg to differ.  The highest form of flattery is when a family takes a vacation to my city, just to have a Portrait Session with me!


I was so excited a few weeks ago when I read my email and had an inquiry in my inbox from Amy!  Amy is thirty three weeks pregnant and planned a vacation to San Diego as a last “Hurrah!” before Baby Number Three is born (and probably to escape that Arizona heat too)!  First up on their Travel Itinerary?  Family photos at Solana Beach with yours truly!  


I instantly fell in love with this family, our kids are the exact same ages, and Amy felt like an old friend!  Probably because she was referred by two friends and former Maternity Session mamas, Megan, and Jillian!


At first, I wasn’t sure how this session was going to go.  It was a sunrise session, and super early for toddlers.  Baby Teagan was really unsure of the sand, and only wanted to be held, and sweet Harper only wanted to play on the play structure by the parking lot.  I was determined to make this Family of Four’s last photos as a family-of-four great, so we got started. 


I’m so glad that Amy mentioned in her pre-session questionairre that she loves candid photos!  As moms, sometimes we go into a photo session expecting photos of our toddlers standing still, smiling at the camera, perfectly posed… “The Grandma Shot,” as I call it (because it’s the one you send to Grandma to display on her wall).  But, toddlers don’t operate as we want them to.  They will, trust me, they WILL do what they want to, and most of the time, the Grandma Shot is not what they want to do.  I love that Amy and David were so easy going, they let their girls play, and behave as toddlers do… and from just letting those littles be little, I captured all of the love, personality, and memories, just as they are now.

I quickly learned why this family refers to Teagan as an M&M.  That sweet baby has a hard little exterior shell, but once she grew comfortable with me, and the beach sand, she had the best time!  She quickly turned into a little muse, and I couldn’t stop snapping her.  Big sister Harper was instantly a gem to work with! She was so eager to help with her little sister and encouraged everyone throughout our session.  She was a breath of fresh air.


Oftentimes the dad’s in my photos aren’t terribly happy about family photos.  But David was another story.  Surrounded by his three ladies, he didn’t complain once!  (Someone give him some Starbursts!) It was obvious that David is crazy about his daughters and his wife.  Amy told me that she and David have been together since she was nineteen and he still treats her like a queen!  


It’s an exciting time for this family, waiting for a new baby (and not finding out the gender!) I’m so glad I was chosen to capture these tender moments before their hearts expand, their love grows bigger, and they (as parents) become outnumbered!  


September 24, 2018

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