Bond Family | Solana Beach Family Session

You know when you see your siblings (and parents too) for the first time in forever, how all you do is laugh?! That’s pretty much what photographing the Bond family was like!  It was nearly Christmas, and oldest daughter, Lauren, had literally JUST returned home from an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Like literally, the night before she flew home from her service in Alabama!  She was so fresh, “off the mish,” that she hadn’t been released yet, and was still wearing her Missionary Name Tag.  We were on a bit of a time crunch, as the family was traveling to spend the holidays with family, and then sending their three oldest daughters back to college!  


Squeezing this family photo session into such a short window of time was so stressful for Meegan, but, oh!  I’m so glad we did!  I loved being a little fly on the wall as they all reveled in pure joy!  I smiled so much that my cheeks hurt for nearly two days!


I have three brothers, so being surrounded by sisters was such a treat! Can we also talk about how cute Brad is?  Surrounded by all of his ladies!  Whatta guy!!  For being mid-December, the day was bright… so, so bright! Almost as if that California sunshine popped to to tell Lauren, “oh hey girl! I missed you!” The water was warm, and all of it just amplified the emotions of the day!


Meegan, thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments! I loved every second I spent with your family!!






















April 8, 2019

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