All I could hear were my own screams.

Let’s not be dramatic Morgan… They weren’t so much screams as they were hoots, hollers, and ecstatic woo-hoo’s! I had on an oxygen mask so the sounds were slightly muffled, but the shrieks rang loud and true just the same. The moment he came into the world was one of the most joyful moments of my entire life! I couldn’t contain my excitement, and the love flowing out of me was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I was “completely and irrevocably in lovewith him,” and that was that. No questions, no stipulations, in love, forever-and-ever. All I could do was cheer. All anyone in the hospital room could do was shout with joy, in the the moments my boy was born.

Today he’s four. Four! We are even having a Trans-FOUR-mer themed birthday party, complete with bouncy house. Aside from his little potbelly, there’s not much baby-ness that remains of him.

He’s taller than most five-year-olds, and has a better vocabulary than a lot of highschoolers we know. It makes me sad. It makes me long for the sleepless nights when all I did was hold his tiny body. He still lets me hold him, but it’s different now.

I love you Covey! Happy Birthday to my teeny tiny baby munchkin!


November 18, 2018

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