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 I treated myself to a photo session with my kiddos for Mother’s Day, and let me tell you, it lit a fire! (Or maybe it was the 100 degree heat?)  I love photography and my desire to create and take beautiful photos of my family (and others) has always been in the back of my mind.  But I’ve been afraid.  Afraid to take the jump.  Afraid to fail.  

This session, though.  It forced me to act on my desires, and so I’m beginning my journey from photography hobbyist to professional with Mother’s Day mini sessions!  I decided that I would ask my clients all of the questions below, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I want my kids to know a little bit more about their Momma.  So here it is, my Portrait of a Mother.



Why did you become a mother?

I don’t think there is a specific reason WHY.  It’s just what you do.  Grow up, get married, have children.  It’s not something I ever dreamed about, or yearned for.  I just knew it would happen one day.



How has life changed for you since becoming a mother?

The better question is, “How hasn’t life changed since becoming a mother?”  Not only has my daily routine changed, but my wants, desires and goals have all become focused on my two littles.  Their needs and wants are always put before my own.  I am no longer my number one priority, and it’s the most amazing feeling.



What was the biggest surprise to you about having children?

The biggest surprise is definitely how deeply and fiercely I love them.  From the moment I found out about their existence I’ve been overcome by a love so great, I will never be able to describe it.  They can drive me to my wits end, and then I look at their faces, and am reminded how perfect they are, and how perfect my love for them is.  “No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.” – Jeffrey R. Holland



What do you love most about being a mom?

I love seeing these babies grow and learn.  Seeing their personalities develop and observe as they show me the things they are learning.  I get such a kick when my son says a phrase in the exact way I say it. {“ARGH!  Addie!”}  or finally completes a task he’s been working so hard on.  I love watching him “connect the dots” so to speak.




What makes you the most nervous about motherhood?

Oh my goodness, besides the usual, “I’m going to mess up my kids,” I have an unhealthy fear of losing my children to kidnappers/traffickers/pedophiles.  It literally keeps me up at night.  It’s insane.  I worry whether the doors are locked, or if they get too far away from me in a crowded place, or just worry about who might be “watching.”  I worry about teaching them to say “no,” and to be in charge of their own bodies, and to be able to avoid possible “grooming” from predators.  


 What does a typical day with your kids look like?

My son wakes up at 6:30 and baby sister and I wake up shortly after.  We change diapers, give all the loves and kisses, and say morning prayers and then I let them play or sing nursery rhymes while I cook up some pancakes.  While he’s eating, I feed her and then get ready for work.  I pack him a lunch, pack her milk, and the diaper bag, my tote (complete with breast pump), and then grab our bags, my briefcase, and the kids and head out the door.  In the car we usually say the pledge of allegiance and then I drop the kids off with their nanny, whom we love and are so  blessed to have, and I go to work.  A few hours later I pick up the kids, and head home.  We play, read books, sing songs, and maybe get in an episode or two of a cartoon.  Daddy comes home and we eat dinner.  After dinner we will play outside for a bit, and then it’s bath time.  We get the kids ready for bed, read a scripture and a few stories, say prayers, give bottles/milk and then go to sleep.

 What are some of your favorite things about your kids?

How funny they are!  I know that “kids say the darndest things,” but man oh man do they!  I love that my son is a total momma’s boy.  They are both so loving and even when we have a disagreement, they are ready and willing to make up and let me love them.  I also love how sweet they are when they’re sleeping.  It makes me forget even the hardest of days, and just realize how perfect they are.

 What is the best part about being their mom?

I’ve always heard people say that God sends kids to the exact parents they need.  I disagree, I believe God sends us the exact kids we need.  The two of them help me to become better, to be less selfish, more emphatic, more patient, and their personalities fill voids in mine that make me feel more complete.  I am so lucky they are mine.



What do you want to remember about this stage of your and your kids’ lives and your 

interactions with them?

I want to remember the way they laugh.  These photos capture it.  How joyful childhood is and how magical.  I want to remember them little, and reliant, and even when I’m exhausted and just want a nap, I want to remember they depend on and trust me more than anyone else.  “The days are long but the years are short.”  I want to keep them this way forever.

 How do you want them to remember their childhood?

I want them to remember their childhood as magic.  Filled with adventure and love.  I always want them to remember how much I love them, even if they also remember how mad I get sometimes.  I want them to remember how hard I work to teach them, everything from the ABC’s to being decent, respectful human beings.



 How do your personal or religious values impact your role as a mother?

My religious views are everything when it comes to motherhood.  Motherhood (as I quoted above) gives me a glimpse at how God loves all of his children.  It develops in me qualities that I could not develop on my own.  I know that I am responsible for teaching my children, not only for this lifetime, but for the eternities as well.



 What makes you a good mom?  What are your strengths as a mom?

I don’t know that I am a “good mom,” I’m just their mom, and I’m trying my best.  I love them with everything I have.  They know they can trust me with anything, and that I will always be their biggest cheerleader.  I think my strengths in motherhood are as a nurturer and a teacher.


 What does being successful in motherhood look like to you?

If my kids grow up to happy, respectful, contributing members of society, who know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them and parents here on earth who would do anything for them, I will consider myself successful.




May 8, 2017

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