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Every couple has a story.  One of my favorite ice breakers when meeting new clients or friends, is to ask them two very important questions. “How did you meet?” and, “How did you get engaged?”


Every love story is different, but so great.  They usually end with me crying. 


As a wedding photographer, my clients often ask me these same questions, so I figured I’d share my answers here.  This is the third of a four part series about Our Love Story.  You can read  the entire series here:

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Chapter 2: It’s Magic

Chapter 3: Our Wedding Day

Chapter 4: Wood and Silverware


My grandpa called my phone to tell me he was waiting in the car.  He was driving us to our wedding ceremony so he could serve as one of our two witnesses.  We weren’t having a traditional wedding where Chandler waited until I walked down the aisle to see me for the first time.  There was no aisle. We also paid for our wedding ourselves and couldn’t afford a First Look Session with our photographer.  But it was ok.  I was marrying Chandler-So-Sexy-Dove (as he’s always been listed in my iPhone)!!


While on the phone with my grandpa, I walked from my hotel room over to the one where all ELEVEN groomsmen were staying (I still wish someone got a photo of the sleeping arrangements????)! I was dressed in my “travel dress,” hair and makeup done by me, and loaded down like a bag lady.  I had a backpack for hair and make up touch ups, my temple bag, my wedding dress bag, and a lunch bag full of snacks and drinks… I must have been a sight juggling all of that, plus the phone.


I managed to knock on the door, and it slowly opened. I was greeted by a bunch of half-dressed groomsmen.  I said I was there to pick up Chandler and head to the venue.  Just then, they parted. In my memory, it was just like how I imagine the waters looked when Moses parted the Red Sea. And there he was. Cool, calm and confident as ever. In his vest and sunglasses.  Dreamy. He slowly walked towards me, and then…


I lost it. I started to happy-but-very-ugly cry.  And the noise I was making?!  It was a mix of squeaking and “pmfthmps”, but with a smile bigger than I’ve ever smiled before!  “Today, I am marrying the man of my dreams!”  He made his way towards me and wiped my tears and gave me a kiss.  I hung up on poor Grandpa, knowing I was unable to speak and that he would understand.  I looked back at the groomsmen, and ALL of them were crying too!  It was so great!


A Groomsmen was able to snap one photo before we rant off to the ceremony, but just one (#theloveydoves).  It made me really wish we had paid for a First Look Session.  We had another type of First Look Session inside the temple.  It was after our ceremony, when I was able to put on my actual wedding dress for the first time.  It was just the two of us at the bottom of a GIANT twirling staircase, in a pure white room, with the most beautiful stained glass windows.  It was our second first look, but still just as amazing as the first.  I remember I was there first, and as soon as Chandler came in, I ran to him.  I don’t think you’re supposed to run inside the temple, but I literally couldn’t stop myself!


It was an amazing day.  Like the MOST AMAZING DAY EVER. I remember driving off at the end of the night and saying to Chandler, “that was the most perfect day.”  

I help all of my Dovely Brides create a custom Wedding Day timeline so that I am sure to capture everything they’ve always dreamed of (and some things they never knew they wanted!).  A First Look Session takes only about twenty minutes, and trust me, it’s worth having!  If you’d like to book your wedding with me, let’s chat!  I’d love the opportunity to serve you!


April 1, 2019

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