Our Love Story | Chapter 2 | It's Magic!


Every couple has a story.  One of my favorite ice breakers when meeting new clients or friends, is to ask them two very important questions. “How did you meet?” and, “How did you get engaged?”


Every love story is different, but so great.  They usually end with me crying. 


As a wedding photographer, my clients often ask me these same questions, so I figured I’d share my answers here.  This is the second of a four part series about Our Love Story.  You can read  the entire series here:


Chapter 1: We’ve Met Before

Chapter 2: It’s Magic

Chapter 3: Our Wedding Day

Chapter 4: Wood and Silverware


I always joke that Chandler is what you might call, a “serial monogamist.”  He was always in a serious relationship, and they always lasted for years!  From the moment I first saw him walk into church, I knew I was going to marry him (which was strange, because we were both in relationships with other people).  But I just knew.  As clear as I know my own name.  We’d never met or spoken, but I knew.


Anyway, I knew that if I was going to marry Chandler, I needed to be in for the long haul.  Maybe five years… maybe eight? Who nows.  I also knew that I didn’t ever want to pressure him into marriage, or allow him to think that I was antsy to get married.  Honestly, I wasn’t. I just wanted to be with him.


Every few months, I’d have a “Progress Check.”  I’d casually, calmly, and ever so cooly ask him two questions:

  1. Are you happy?

  2. Are we progressing in our relationship?

He’d answer, “Yes,” and we’d move on.  


After we’d been dating for about a year and half, a few of our friends started getting engaged.  It seems like every night we were attending Engagement Parties, and gawking at diamond rings.  One evening work, Chandler and I were on the phone, finalizing plans for a date night that evening.


“What do you think about, maybe, starting to look at some ring designs in a few months?” he asked.


WHAT?!?!!  It took everything I had to answer calmly, “yea.  I think that would be good.”


Meanwhile, my insides were screaming, “I’m so in love with him! I have known for nearly two years that I wanted to marry him! And yes, yes, YES, I want to marry him! Like now!”


Talk about progressing!


That night we were meeting some of our friends at a magic show in Las Vegas. We’d seen the comedian magician a bunch of times, and never could pass up the opportunity to go again.  Chandler was able to get a group discount at work and ALL of our closest friends got to go!  I was so excited.  Sure for the magic, but mostly for the ring shopping that would be going down in a few months!


At one point, the magician needed a volunteer who had a cell phone.  It was the ONE TIME IN LIFE that I’d left my phone at home.  So Chandler threw his in my lap!  I was called up on stage, and told to put my phone in one of five brown paper bags.  The magician then mixed up the bags, and began smashing each bag with a hammer!!!


When he got to the last bag, he asked me if anything was inside.  I tried pulling a fast one on him, and jokingly said, “No.”  He panicked just as I pulled out my cell phone.  He then told me to look in the bag again for anything else.  Just as I peeked into the brown bag, I saw Chandler stand up and approach the stage.  I looked back down and pulled out a diamond ring!  Before I knew it, Chan was on his knee!


Obviously I said, “Yes!”  


I guess you say, it was a magical evening.


 I apologize for the poor cell phone quality… it was 2013…


March 20, 2019

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