Our Love Story | Chapter 1 | We've Met Before

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Every couple has a story.  One of my favorite ice breakers when meeting new clients or friends, is to ask them two very important questions. “How did you meet?” and, “How did you get engaged?”


Every love story is different, but so great.  They usually end with me crying. 


As a wedding photographer, my clients often ask me these same questions, so I figured I’d share my answers here.  This is the first of a four part series about Our Love Story.  You can read  the entire series here:


Chapter 1: We’ve Met Before

Chapter 2: It’s Magic

Chapter 3: Our Wedding Day

Chapter 4: Wood and Silverware


If you’ve not been fortunate enough to hear Chandler’s version of how we met, it goes a little something like this, “Morgan was praying at church.  I walked up to her and said, ‘Here I am.'”


As ridiculous as it sounds, he’s not that far off.  I was in church, but I wasn’t praying.  I was was very busy setting up an activity for Young Single Adults.  Chandler and a friend were standing next to the wall, watching me.  He finally piped up and introduced himself and his roommate. I responded, “oh hey!  I think we’ve met before, but it’s nice to see you.” And then I turned around, and walked away.


They say first impressions are hard to recover from… but it didn’t take long.


A few months later we were dating.  One night we were talking about the first person Chandler met when we moved to Las Vegas.  He told me the first person he met in Las Vegas was a really beautiful girl. 


He began telling me the story of how he traveled to Las Vegas to look for homes a few months before moving.  He went to check out the a local church.  After the meeting, he leaned in to talk to the girl sitting next to him and asked, “is the guy asleep on the stand the Bishop?”  He started to continue his story, but I finished it.


“… yes!  He’s an OBGYN and is on call 24/7, he doesn’t sleep much.”


We realized that the first person Chandler ever met in Las Vegas, the really beautiful girl, was me!


I didn’t leave a bad first impression after all.




March 15, 2019

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