New Year, New Decade, & New Business Goals

Something many of my clients don’t know is that 2019 was my first official full year in business! I’ve “taken pictures” (whether portraits or weddings) for more than 10 years, but not seriously, and definitely not consistently.

I picked up my camera and started shooting in 2017, and people noticed. That autumn I began second shooting for another Wedding Photographer and shooting family portraits. That year I was a 2nd shooter for 5 weddings, and I shot 44 family sessions! So I made my business official. I registered as an LLC, got insurance, bought a website, started marketing myself, and started telling people my job was “a photographer.” It was scary.

So scary, in fact, that in January of 2019, I made a goal to shoot just 5 weddings. That was it. That was my only business goal for the year.

“Shoot 5 weddings. That was it. That was my only business goal for 2019.”

This year, one of my favorite Photographers turned Educators, Joy Michelle, released her Biz Planning Guide. I filled it out in about 30 minutes, and you guys, I was blown away by how SUCCESSFUL my little business was this year! This guide really inspired me to set more goals for Morgan Dove Photography for 2020!

I’ve decided to share some of my 2020 Business goals with you. Here is what you can expect from me this upcoming year:

Morgan Dove Photography 2020 Business Goals

Wedding Goals

  • Book & shoot 10 Weddings
  • Include full albums in my Platinum Wedding Collection
  • FINALLY create the Morgan Dove Photography Wedding Experience Guide
  • Send new client gift to all new #dovelycouples
  • 2nd shoot 9 weddings
  • Create a Client Web Porthole for each #dovelycouple

Portrait Goals

  • Offer mini sessions year-round!
  • Offer in-home lifestyle sessions

Marketing Goals

  • Publish 2 new blog posts each week
  • Post to Instagram 6-7 days a week

Education & Business Goals

  • Learn flash inside & out
  • Complete my business course
  • Create & implement consistency workflows

I love new beginnings, and a chance to start fresh! What better time to do that then at the start of a new decade! I’m so excited for what this new year will bring. What are your goals this year?

bridesmaid's champagne toast in matching blush robes, new year's wedding toast

January 1, 2020