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Frequently asked quesitons

Do you shoot film or digital or both? 
I shoot only digital images at this time.

Does your studio provide videography services?
While Morgan Dove Photography does not currently offer complete videography for events, I will begin offering Fine Art Promo films in late 2020.  This will be for all sessions for an additional fee.

Have you shot at my venue before?
I have shot at MANY wedding venues, however I have not shot at every venue. Logistically it just isn’t possible. If your venue is new to me, I typically reach out to the Events Coordinator and schedule a “Venue Walk-Through.” I get a very detailed tour, and I am able to scout the best locations that will fit my photography aesthetic. I want to be as prepared as possible on your big day, so I make sure to go at the same time of day of your event.

Do you photograph Elopements?
My complete Elopement Experience includes up to four hours of continuous coverage, with one location. I include venue photos, photos of the bride’s details & getting ready, ceremony coverage and bride and groom portraits only, with up to 25 guests. The investment is $2,250.00.

Do you provide partial day coverage?

I do not. When a client books me for their wedding, they have exclusive rights to that calendar date. I do not book any other clients or events on that date. It is for this reason that I only book clients who require a minimum of 8 hours of continuous coverage.  

Do you shoot in JPEG, Small Raw, or Large Raw?
I shoot in both Large RAW and Small RAW. I shoot primarily in Large RAW so that clients may print large format images, and Small RAW for low light settings like receptions.

Do you have past clients who can speak as references?
While I don’t feel right putting you in direct contact with past clients, you can definitely read reviews from my amazing #dovelycouples in a few places. You can see them on my website, Wedding Wire, & Google to name a few.

What will you wear to shoot my wedding? Engagement session?
I tend to always dress professionally when shooting weddings. I try to dress as one of your other wedding guests would dress, and depending on the weather, I always wear a dress. If your event is outdoors or the weather is cooler, I’ll wear dress pants. For engagement or family sessions I tend to dress more casually, especially for beach sessions. This is because I usually end up in the ocean, or in bushes or trees.

I hate having my photo taken, and I’m super awkward, Can you help?
Yes, of course! I understand that you might not have experience being photographed and I'm here to help. I talk a lot, which helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera and I work really hard to tell you EXACTLY what I want you to do, from your hands to your eyelashes, to your belly button. I make sure that you look natural and lovely in your photos. Some people take a little longer to warm up, and in those cases I make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed while we are shooting. I promise, I make it painless and fun, and it won't be nearly as bad as you think!

My husband/fiancé/children hate having their photos taken, can you help?
Yes! For husbands, fiancé, and children, I often bring fruit snacks (read: bribes) which I will discuss with you in advance to make sure that you are okay with giving it to them. Is your three year old is obsessed with dinosaurs? I might have one or two in my bag! (Which is why my client questionnaire is so important to me). If you are a grown up who just hates being in photos, I try to shoot quickly & give you treats and we take lots of breaks to chat and have fun. I regularly hear from my clients that they are surprised at how easy and relaxed they felt at their shoot. I actually had a couple cancel their wedding photographer, and book me instead because they saw how easy I made posing the bride and groom at a wedding! Engagement sessions are also a great way to practice being in photos and working with me so that way your wedding photos are much more natural, easy, and fun!

General Questions

What is your philosophy regarding photography?
I LOVE love in all of it's forms! Husband and wife love, mama and baby love, grandma and grandpa love, all of it! I believe that photographs don't just capture a memory, per se, but the full range of emotions in your heart at a specific moment! Life is short, moments are fleeting, and I want you to remember how you feel... the love in your heart right now... now, let’s capture that, and have fun doing it! I create fresh, joyful images for fun-loving couples who believe in marriage!

What is your photography style?
My image style is light, airy and classic with a touch of whimsical. As for posing, I try to keep things fresh and fun, with a little bit of traditional thrown in (for Grandma)… You will never look stiff or awkward!

How did you learn photography?
I started taking photos in high school as a member and then editor of our Yearbook Staff. I then took a few classes in college, but was really unhappy at what I “wasn’t” learning. I knew how I wanted my images to look, but couldn’t quite get there on my own. In 2016, I discovered Rob & Laura from Photography Concentrate, and I purchased their eBook, “Extremely Essential Camera Skills.” It taught me how to use my camera in Manual mode to get images I wanted (without editing!!!) and completely changed my photography! Since then, I have continued to invest in furthering my photography education and mentoring from other professionals.

Style, Philosopy & Education

How do I set up an appointment to meet you in person?
Within two weeks of inquiring, I schedule an in-person-meeting with every potential #dovelycouple. I want to see you, talk to you, and get to know you, and learn of your plans for your big day! At this meeting I'll walk you through a typical Wedding Experience with me, so you know exactly what to expect. It’s just not possible to do this via email. If we can't meet in person, I'm happy to Skype or Facetime!

Can I see sample wedding galleries?
Of course! I bring my laptop and samples of my Fine Art Albums and Heirloom Albums to every client meeting so that you can visualize what to expect in your wedding gallery, as well as see, and touch the Fine Art Heirloom products I offer.

We live out-of-town. Is it possible for our family/friends to meet with you instead?
While I'm sure your relatives are a hoot, they’re not the ones hiring me, and I’m not shooting their wedding. When couples are unable to meet in person, I always schedule a Skype Meeting.

We’re very busy and won’t be able to meet. What are our other options?
As mentioned above, I will work around your schedule to make a Skype meeting happen. However, if you don’t need to see me in person, don’t want to see a full gallery, or albums, or have any questions, and you trust me 100% to photograph your wedding, and just love my work… then I will forgo a client meeting.

Do you travel to meet clients?
I tend to stay pretty close to my home office for client meetings, traveling only up to 20 miles or so to a meet-in-the-middle location. Otherwise, we can schedule a Skype meeting.

Client meetings

Is an Engagement session included in your Wedding Experience?
I do not include an Engagement Session in my Wedding Experience per se, however, I gift all of my Champagne & Platinum #dovelycouples a free Engagement Session!  This session is my gift to you, and can be used anytime between booking, and your wedding date.  This session is a gift, and as such has no monetary value, therefore it cannot be redeemed for cash, credit towards your Wedding Experience, or products.

My friend/relative has a nice camera and will take our Engagement photos, can we trade in your Engagement Session for money towards our Wedding Experience, prints or an album?
As previously mentioned,  the complimentary Engagement Experience is a gift, and as such has no monetary value, therefore it cannot be redeemed for cash, credit towards your Wedding Experience, or products.  I highly suggest you use this session, as its benefits are tree-fold.  First, you get additional images to commemorate your relationship not in wedding attire.  Second, you get practice being in front of the camera, and learn my posing techniques and how I work.  Third, this session is more time for us to get to know each other so tat we are 100% comfortable with each other on your wedding day!

When should we schedule our engagement session?

I always suggest scheduling your engagement session as soon as possible. If for no other reason then checking it off of your to do list, and getting Save-the-Dates or invitations sent out early.

Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?
I typically don’t shoot “Portrait Sessions” (Engagements or Families) on the weekends. This is because Saturdays are reserved exclusively for weddings, and I don’t work on Sundays. If however, you are 100% only available on the weekends, we can find a Saturday that will work.

What should we wear to our engagement session?
As part of your Wedding Experience, I send all of my #dovelycouples a 54 page Engagement Session Style Guide! This magazine includes everything you need to know to get the most from your Engagement Session, such as choosing a location, choosing what colors to wear, choosing your outfits, and professional hair and makeup! It’s JAM packed with information, so that you don’t have to stress about it!

What happens if we are late for our session? Will you extend shooting time?
Because I work on “continuous coverage” I plan my days very carefully. I typically arrive 15-30 minutes early to every Portrait Session. I tell all of my clients to arrive 15 minutes early so we can chat, and walk to specific locations. If you are late for any reason for your session, that time is lost. Because I shoot around sunset, we can not shoot longer, because there will not be enough light, you'll just lose out on that time.

What if it’s raining during our outdoor session, or there is no “sunset” due to weather?
I am very cognizant of weather on Portrait Session days. I love to capture bright, dreamy images that can not be achieved in overcast or rainy weather. As such, if it looks like there will be in-climate weather for an Engagement Experience, I always ask the morning of, if my couple would like to reschedule. Typically 50% choose to reschedule, and the other 50% just want to get it over with. Rescheduled session dates will adhere to the guidelines outlined in the contract.

How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session? 
I never, ever promise a certain amount of images for any of my portrait sessions or weddings. However I can tell you that I tend to be trigger happy. "Hello. My name is Morgan, and I am an over-shooter."  I tend to use a variety of poses, and shoot different angles and “zooms” for each pose. With that said, you will receive more images than you’ll ever know what to do with.

When can we expect to see our photos from our engagement session?
For any portrait session, my turnaround time is 4 weeks.

When and where can we view our engagement images?
When your images are ready, I will email you a link where you can view your gallery. From the gallery you can download, purchase or share your images.

Engagement Sessions

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?
I have shot many, many weddings, and I have found that the majority of weddings cannot be fully covered in less than 8 hours, unless you are willing to give up having certain events covered. Because of this, I only book couples who require 8 or more hours of coverage on their wedding day.

Do you ever schedule yourself to shoot more than one wedding in a day? 
Never. When a couple books me to shoot their wedding, that calendar date is exclusively theirs. I don’t schedule any other weddings, or portrait sessions on that date.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No. As I previously mentioned, I am a little “trigger happy.” I usually overshoot, it's not uncommon for me to take over 6,000 images on a Wedding day. Rather than deliver a bunch of duplicates, I cull out copies. I also cull any images where the subject is blinking, or talking, or if the subject is blurry. Sometimes I will cull an entire location because it just doesn’t fit my aesthetic. As mentioned in my contract, I retain all creative license, and all images delivered in the final gallery are at my discretion. You will still receive more images than you know what to do with.

I have downtime between my wedding events, will I be charged for downtime?
Yes. I charge based on continuous coverage, which means from the time I arrive, until the time I leave a wedding. I help all of my #dovelycouples create a custom Wedding Day Timeline, and try to avoid any gaps in time. If there are planned gaps of time between events in a Wedding Day, however, I will usually still be shooting. Plus many weddings run behind, so those time gaps are quickly filled.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time? Are you available to stay longer if we want you to stay for more time on the spot?
Just as my contracted time is coming to an end, I always check-in with my #dovelycouples.  If they would like me to stay for more time, we will agree on the additional time I will stay. Additional time is billed only by the full hour, and will be invoiced to the couple the day after the event.  No products or images will be delivered to the couple until all invoices are paid in full.  

Do you shoot with a second photographer?
I always bring a second photographer to every wedding I shoot, with the exception of my Elopement Experience. It’s just not possible to tell the full story of the day with just one photographer.

Which photographer will be shooting my wedding?
I will always shoot your wedding. I do not have an associate program, so I will always be the primary photographer on your big day. My second photographer and I will “divide and conquer” and she will shoot everything that I do, but from different angles and vantage points. We will split up at certain times of the day, and while I photograph the bride & bridesmaids, she will photograph the groom & groomsmen.

What is your policy on taking breaks?  
I typically only take one break during a wedding day, and that is during the time the bride and groom eat dinner, at which point my 2nd photographer and I will also eat dinner, as per the contract. 

If you require a meal break, do you require that we provide your meal?
My rule of thumb is, when the bride and groom eat, we (myself and my 2nd photographer) eat. Not only do we need to eat to energize and recharge, but it is the law in all 50 states. Because we forego all of our 15 minute breaks, we require at least a 30 minute, uninterrupted meal break. I ask all of my couples to provide both of us with a vendor meal so that we may stay at the venue. Typically vendor meals are provided by the catering company/venue for free, or at a very discounted rate. Should the couple not provide a vendor meal, we require 1 hour to leave the venue, and have a meal. Any events occurring within that hour will not be photographed, and I will not be held responsible for not photographing those events. The hour in which we are not at the venue will still count as continuous coverage time.

Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of our wedding?
It would literally take an act of God to keep me from photographing a scheduled wedding. However, in the event that it does happen, I would send my 2nd photographer to be the primary photographer.  We have worked together for two years and she knows my work and my style like the back of her hand, and I am confident she will do an excellent job capturing your day.  I would also send a replacement 2nd photographer. I would still edit all images so that they are in my style. 

My venue is very dark. How does your studio handle these situations and can I see samples?
Most of my couples know that my photography style is light and airy, and in order to create images in that style, I NEED natural light. Couples typically book a venue that will have lots of natural light already. However, if your reception venue is quite dark, or if we need a little extra light during your ceremony, I do use both on-camera and off-camera flash. However, I do try to avoid using artificial light as much as possible.  I show samples of weddings at every client meeting.

Wedding Day

Do you do destination weddings?
Yes! I consider myself quite the world traveler, and would love to photograph your wedding in the location of your dreams!

How much do you charge for travel to a destination location?
If you’re interested in destination wedding photography, I will put together a custom quote for you. I will book my own air travel (allowing an extra day before your wedding in case of delays) for up to $800 round trip, my own hotel (two nights) for up to $200 per night, and an economy level rental car. I do my best to keep your budget in mind when booking. Once my travel is booked, I will invoice you for the cost.  No images or products will be delivered to the client until all invoices are paid in full.

We want you to photograph our wedding, but our venue is pretty far from your office.  It's not far enough to fly, do you charge mileage?
I'd love to photograph at your venue, and I charge $0.60/mile for all locations 30+ miles from my office.

Our getting ready/ceremony/reception venue requires a permit, is that included in your pricing? 
I do not include venue fees in my pricing. If your venue or session location requires a photography permit, it is up to the client to purchase the permit before our session. 

Our getting ready/ceremony/reception venue requires paid parking, is that included in your pricing? 
Parking is not included in my pricing. I always try to find free public parking, however if your venue, hotel or other location requires paid parking, I will pay for my own parking at the time of the session, and invoice the client for reimbursement. after  No photos or products will be delivered to the client until all invoices are paid in full.

Destination Weddings & Travel

When will we see our Wedding Day Images?
Wedding day images will be delivered to the client 8 weeks after the event.

What do you mean by “editing”?
Post-processing is the second most time-consuming part of my business, but it’s because I take SO MANY IMAGES, not because I spend a lot of time “editing.” I try to get your images as “right” as I can in my camera, so that I’m not suck behind a computer for weeks. I work hard to ensure each image has a particular aesthetic that fits my brand. I mostly brighten images, and lightly color correct them so the tones are consistent with the rest of my work.

I noticed there were lots of distracting elements around us during our session, can you edit those things out?
I try to photograph in areas where there are as little "distractions" as possible.  If I can, I always remove them during our time shooting, because it's so much quicker and looks better than trying to remove everything in post production. If I miss something however, I will remove small distractions (seaweed near your feet, a stranger in the background, etc.) from your images.

Can you "Photoshop" me to be skinnier?
While I know how to use, and love Photoshop, I won't use it. However, if there is something that makes you self-conscious on your big day, we can try to fix/hide the issue on that day. Otherwise, I will do precision retouches and corrections at $2.00 per image.  

Can I order prints through you?
Yes, and I strongly suggest you do so. My computer monitor is calibrated for the professional print lab that I use. I can only guarantee the quality of my prints when printed through your gallery. I sell my prints at cost (don't tell the other photographers, they‘ll get really upset!) because I’d rather you have beautiful prints than none at all, plus you’re getting a great deal!

Where can I buy an album?
I offer all of my clients Fine Art Albums of their sessions. These albums are top of the line, and covered in linen, and images are printed on watercolor textured paper. Because I would rather my clients have an album than not, so there is a very minimal markup which covers my design costs. You will not find these albums at these prices anywhere else.

How many images can we expect to receive from our wedding day? 
I sort of hate this question, because honestly, it’s about quality, not quantity. I’d rather deliver a gallery of 500 beautiful images than gallery with 10,000 OK images. That being said, after culling, editing, and curating, I typically deliver roughly 80-100 images per hour of actual shoot time. As stated in my contract, I retain creative license and liberties, which means you may not receive ALL of your images, poses, or locations. I only deliver images that I feel best represent Morgan Dove Photography. Please trust me, you will receive more images than you know what to do with, and you’ll probably be overwhelmed with however many you receive. 

We would like our images in both color and black and white, do you do this?
Because my brand focuses mostly on fresh, classic images in color, I typically don't offer Black and White images.  However, I know some people LOVE black and white, so I usually duplicate & edit 2%-5% of your gallery in black and white.  I will not deliver all of your images in both color and black and white, as this would double the time it takes me to deliver your images.

Post Production & Editing

How many images can we expect to receive from our wedding day? 
I I sort of hate this question, because honestly, it’s about quality, not quantity. I’d rather deliver a gallery of 500 beautiful images than gallery with 10,000 OK images. That being said, after culling, editing, and curating, I typically deliver roughly 80-100 images per hour of actual shoot time. As stated in my contract, I retain creative license, which means you may not receive ALL of your images, poses, or locations. I only deliver images that I feel best represent Morgan Dove Photography. Please trust me, you will receive more images than you know what to do with, and you’ll probably be overwhelmed with however many you receive. 

When will we see our photos?
Wedding day images will be delivered to the client 8 weeks after the event. Engagement and Family Sessions will be delivered 4 weeks after the session.

Can you send me just a few images right away?
As much as I would love to say, “Yes!,” the answer is no. Typically I have a queue of weddings and portrait sessions, and it wouldn’t be fair to my other clients for you to skip to the front of the line.  

Are our digital images watermarked?
No. I think nothing ruins a beautiful image more than a big, ugly watermark. I allow you do download your images and encourage you to share them online. I ask only that you tag my business when you do, @MorganDovePhotography.

Can we have the copyright to the images?
No. As the creator of the images, I retain the copyright. This means that even though you paid me to photograph your event, you do not own the images, I do. You may not submit your images for publication, replicate or reproduce them for sale, add filters, or edit them in any way, or sell them for profit. This is based on standard practice listed in the Federal Copyright Laws. Think of it this way… If you purchase a Beatles album, you own the album, and can play the music on it, but you don't the rights to the songs. If for some reason you feel that you MUST own the copyright to your images, I will gladly sell it to you for $51.80 per image, and the entire gallery must be purchased.  Images will be in their RAW format with no edits made by me.

Do you reserve the right to publish our photos?
Yes. As stated in my contract I will not shoot a wedding or portrait session without a signed contract and included model release from my clients. Because Social Media and word of mouth are my only avenues for marketing, I do publish all of my sessions to my blog and social media channels. I also submit all of my weddings for publication on Wedding websites, blogs and print magazines.

What size can we print our photos with our full resolution images?
You can print your photos in all sizes up to 30”x40” without cropping. If you significantly crop an image, you may lose definition at that size.

Do you provide the RAW files and/or digital negatives from my engagement session and wedding day?
No. I have a full blog post explaining the details of why I don’t ever give away my RAW files. In short, I own the copyright, and most people don't have the proper software to even view these types of files. 

What if I lose my images?
I tell all of my clients to download their entire gallery and keep it on an external hard drive and in the cloud.  however, I know things happen. I keep every client gallery active for a period of 6 months after which it is archived. Should you ever need your gallery again, I will gladly re-upload and host it for a period of 7 days.  Client will be invoiced a $100 archival fee plus $30 Gallery fee.  No images will be delivered until all invoices are paid in full.

Digital Downloads

What type of camera/equipment do you use?
I’ve always been a Canon girl. I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera body. My second shooter also uses Canon as well. I carry a variety of lenses, both Primes and Zooms, for different looks.  I have quite a collection of backup batteries, and memory cards GALORE! I am a natural light photographer, but I do use both on-camera and off-camera flash when necessary, in difficult lighting conditions, like receptions. For a full list of what equipment I bring to Weddings, you can read my blog post.

Do you bring backup equipment with you in case something malfunctions?
Yes! I have two camera bodies, tree flash units, and multiple memory cards and batteries. While I don't have duplicate lenses, I have enough to get me through should any thing happen to one of them.  I’m always over prepared.

I love the detail images I see on Pinterest.  Do you provide styling objects, or should I?
I always encourage my brides to bring their own details and anything they'd like me to style them with. This include's custom Mrs. Boxes (velvet ring boxes), ribbon, lace, your full invitation suite, jewelry, etc.  I do however bring my own Bride & Bridesmaids hangers, styling mat, and styling kit to every wedding.  To learn more about what I bring in my styling kit, you can read my blog post.

What if I need a sewing needle or screwdriver on my Wedding Day?  Do you ave one?
As I mentioned, I am always over prepared.  I have three brothers who are Eagle Scouts, and they taught me to be.  Along with my ThinkTank and my Styling Kit, I have a personal bag I bring to every wedding as well.  In it I carry things like a needle and tread, bandaids, tampons, a leather-man's tool, etc.  I also bring snacks and drinks that I will share if I must.  To learn more about what I bring in my personal bag, you can read my blog post.


Do you backup our images? 
Yes! All original images are saved directly from my memory cards to (2) Lacie 6TB external hard drives. Edited images are also saved to both external hard drives. I also back original and edited images to the cloud using Backblaze.  While my primary hard drive sits on my desk, the other is kept in our waterproof & fireproof safe, in another room.  I keep all galleries online for the period six months.  Afterwards there will be a $100 Archival fee for me to re-upload your gallery, as well as a $30 gallery fee.  I encourage all of my clients to download & back-up their images as well.  

How can we ensure that our images won’t be lost?
Nothing is certain except for death and taxes (name that movie and I'll love you forever), however, I do my best to calm your nerves, which is why I save your images in three separate places. It’s very unlikely that two drives and the cloud will disappear/malfunction.  However, I also put some responsibility on my clients.  I ask every client to download their full gallery as soon as they receive it, and save it to multiple locations, such as an external hard drive, and cloud or Google Drive.

Do you have Liability Insurance?
Yes, many venues require that I have liability insurance in order for me to shoot there. I am insured through the Hartford to protect myself, my business and my equipment.

Insurance & Backup

How much do you charge for weddings?
My Wedding Experiences begin at $3,000. For a quote on your wedding photography, please contact me directly.

What’s included in your wedding packages?
All Wedding Experiences include a minimum of 8 hours of continuous coverage, two photographers, the Morgan Dove Photography Wedding Experience Guide, my Engagement Session Style Guide, a Custom Wedding Day Timeline, a complimentary engagement session*, and an online gallery with high resolution .jpeg images to download. Prints, albums, and other products sold separately. 

Do you offer discounts? 
My packages have been carefully curated and priced according to their value, so the short answer is "No". However, no two weddings are alike and as such, I would love to create a custom package that suits exactly what you need! If you are working on a smaller budget, I have an incredible Elopement Experience available beginning at $2,250. You will receive the same signature service as any #dovelycouple Please contact me for details!

How do I reserve you for my date?
Once we decide we are a perfect fit, I will send you a contract and an invoice. In order to reserve your wedding date, and ensure that I won’t book anyone else, a signed contract and 50% non-refundable retainer must be paid before I will reserve your date. I operate on a first come, first serve basis, so if more than one couple wants me for a specific date, I will book the couple who returns their signed contract and pays their 50% non-refundable retainer first.

How much is the non-refundable retainer?
50% of your total Wedding Experience cost and any albums ordered at time of booking, including tax.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I require a 50% non-refundable retainer in order to exclusively reserve your event date. After that, the other 50% may be divided into monthly installments, with the final installment due no later than 30 days prior to your event.

What if I don’t pay my full balance before my wedding day?
While I require a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking to exclusively reserve your wedding date, the balance may be paid at anytime (in full or in increments), but must be paid in full 30 days prior to your wedding date. I will send a reminder email and your invoice 37 days prior to your event date, as well as 31 days before. If payment is not made 30 days prior to your event, I will make a reminder phone call. A $15 per day late fee will be added to your invoice for all payments not completed 30 days before the event, and reminder emails will be sent daily. If any part of the balance has not been paid in full on the day of the event, I will NOT show up to photograph the event. I will consider your contract forfeit, and my services no longer required. 

Payment & Taxes

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