Stephanie & Levi | Santa Ysabel Preserve Engagement Session

Growing up, we spent a few weeks every summer and winter with my grandparents.  My grandpa is an outdoorsy, old timey, cowboy type, and loves spending time with his grandkids.  He would take us camping, to hot springs, hiking, and all sorts of other fun things!  When I was about fourteen years old, my grandpa took my brothers and I fishing for the first time.  It wasn’t at a lake or a river, but at a place where the fish were kept in above ground tanks.  I mean, we were in Albuquerque, not California, what did you expect?  Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I got a bite.  


I was standing alone, and the closest person next to me was a young father, whistling a tune I didn’t recognize.  When I felt my pole tug, I started to scream!  He heard me panic, not knowing what to do.  He calmly talked me through reeling in the fish.  As soon as I got the little guy (or girl?) out of the water, I handed him my fishing pole, and then hunched over, hands on my knees, head tucked down… and did everything I could to keep from passing out! It was then that I decided that I wasn’t much of an outdoorsy girl anymore.  


When I first met Stephanie and Levi I instantly loved them!  These two are the most genuine, salt of the earth couple I’ve ever met!  We talked about how they met, their proposal, their wedding plans, and their great love for all things outdoors, family, and you guessed it… fishing!


In fact, their perfect weekend would involve snow, desert camping, and fishing, all with friends and family.  When Stephanie told me that they wanted to have their engagement session at the Santa Ysabel Preserve, of course I was totally on board… as long as I didn’t need my fishing pole!  


Shooting this session was a dream!  San Diego has been cold and rainy for what seems like months! In fact, we had to reschedule their session twice because of the rain!  However, on this particular day, that California sunshine just couldn’t stay away.  Because of all the rain, the plants and grass were green instead of their usual SoCal Brown (it should be a new Crayola crayon color). There was a cool breeze in the air, but I like to call it “Beyonce wind,” because it made Stephanie’s dress so flowy, and her hair look fierce! Plus their session was on their “100 Days Until I Do” mark!  It was perfect!


We had the best afternoon!  It’s so refreshing to be in the presence of a couple genuinely in love. Genuinely excited to be with each other.  And genuinely ready to start their forever together!  I love the way Stephanie and Levi look at each other, and the way they made each other laugh!  


Stephanie and Levi, it was a joy serving you.  Everything about you two is just lovely! I can’t wait for your wedding day, it will be here before you know it!




















March 29, 2019

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